Step 1.

Free website analysis

Do we use your current website or do we redesign?
What errors or issues may be impacting your ranking?
We find out
How relevant/popular are you to search engines?
Do you have quality content?
What do industry leaders do compared to you?

Step 2.

Keyword research

How competitive is your industry?
What keywords will bring you the most traffic
Is your content based on top searched keywords?

Step 3.

Create a Budget

What does marketing mean to you
You can’t afford not to market in today’s day and age
How many new customers are you looking to bring in?
Do we have a package that fits your needs?
How much business can you gain by being on the first page?

Step 4.

Recommended services

What services do we recommend for you budget?
What other opportunities do we see that can increase your traffic?
Are you local or national?